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   What is KM Remote? With KM Remote it is possible to remote control Windows using keyboard, mouse and voice. Pressing one of defined virtual buttons or saying voice command calls associated with him action or shows OSD menu if more than one action is defined.

   You can start any program saying a word into microphone. For example voice command E-MAIL can start mail client and NOTEPAD will start your favourite text editor.

   With wireless mouse You can lie in the bed or have a party and switch songs in Winamp or control favorite DIVX player without need to use a table or even watch monitor - as You would do this operations with ordinary AV remote control! Just define dedicated actions for mouse buttons -they will work only if specified player is running. Otherwise mouse will work normally. And You can always turn off/on mouse control by pressing F12 key (just in case You would lost control).

   You can make very quick start menus. For example define virtual button LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON with a few actions starting chosen programs.

   At last You can configure extra buttons of multimedia keyboard just as You want. You can change songs in Winamp working with MS Word with no need to switch between these two programs. You even don't have to move mouse. Define virtual button LEFT ALT + RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON with action (B button) deicated to a program with window title Winamp.

   Key PLAYER NEXT TRACK can work the same way with different players. Just define virtual buttons for all players, each with key property set to PLAYER NEXT TRACK and dedicated actions properties set with proper player window names and keys. RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON can switch photos in any picture viewer. If viewer isn't running right mouse button will work ordinary (unless there is another virtual button which uses him).

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