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Mój stan Skype
I had problems with not working fly-outs of some gadgets when using Vista Sidebar on Windows 7. So I moved back to original Windows 7 Sidebar. The only problem is every maximized window will cover gadgets. They can be set always on top, but it looks even worse if you work with maximized applications.

Here you can see gadgets with maximized Explorer:

When MaxMax is running it will look like on Windows Vista (simulate vista sidebar on Windows 7)

A few words about the application:
  • It can be enabled or disabled at any time
  • New! Margin size (in pixels) can be defined for each side of the display simultaneously.(Margin is just an area that will not be covered by maxmized windows. Normal windows are not affected).
  • It will only work on selected display.
  • By pressing selected key (for example left shift) MaxMax can be disabled temporarily.
  • In future versions some window exclusion system is being considered (for example ignore any window with caption containg word notepad).
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